Song of the week: Sparrows by No Bird Sing


By Patrick

Hello, and welcome to TwoSimpleWriters’ Song Of The Week, this week we review Sparrows by No Bird Sing. No Bird Sing is a hip-hop group from Minnesota, they have released three albums. Sparrows is a song from their self-titled album released in 2009.

Sparrows feels like Kristoff Krane and Joe Horton are having a dialog, exchanging feelings of empyness and sadness. Sparrows to me feels like a metaphor for somekind of a cure to these feelings of emptyness.

“There’s nothing to know, there’s no one to miss, The longer I roam the colder it gets, Alone; slowly I grow with a hole in my chest, the size of my head”

The author feels like he is missing something important in his life. “I grow with a hole in my chest, the size of my head” could mean that as the author lost his heart (or something else important from the inside), he also lost a part of his thoughts (like love).

“Take it in, breathe it out, Let the sparrows in your house, Show them where the attic is and let them be to set up shop, Watch them sing, while you dance, While you’re cooking, while you break shit, Never let them go, it’s their escape, they’re escaping”

The author suggests to let the sparrows in to your head (attic), so the sparrows can sing (heal) for you no matter what happens. So the sparrows are pretty much something like guardian angels.

Joe Horton and Kristoff Krane both have great flow and a strong balanced voice. Kristoff Krane is one of my favorite hip-hop lyricist and Sparrows is really Krane-ish, in a good way of course. Sparrows is written in a poetic and abstract style, i expecially like the dialog-ish style where Horton and Krane go back and fourth. More than ofter I find myself humming along with the chorus as it is so well crafted and catchy. The beat is also incredible, it has the perfect amount of tension and it builds up beatifully to the chorus.

Overall this is one of the best No Bird Sing songs, the beautiful beat and lyrics create a captivating atmosphere that brings you back you to this song time after another.

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Top 8 Films of 2012

By Franz

Yay, a list! This time it’s my top 8 favorite films of 2012. 2012 was overall a very “meh” year in films, there was a lot of films that I found interesting but lacked a decent script. Like: Flight, Django Unchained, Seven Psychopaths, The Impossible and Lawless, to name a few. None of those films were bad, I just thought the scripts sucked balls. I could do a list of what I thought were the worst of the years, because I would have a lot more material on that (Spoilers, I hated The Impossible), but I’ve decided to be positive today, so let’s look at the eight films that I consider to be the years finest.


Django Unchained


“Hey, you just said that it has a shitty script!”, you’re probably thinking that. Yes, I think Django has a not-great screenplay and Jamie Foxx isn’t very interesting or good in the film, however, not only did this list need fillers, I also really enjoyed this movie. Maybe it’s because I love westerns, maybe it’s because it’s impossible to dislike Christoph Waltz’s accent or maybe it’s the over-the-top cartoonish, yet highly enjoyable violence. Django is not without it’s faults, the script is so loose that at times it’s boring as fuck, it’s like Tarantino’s forgets theres an actual story to be told as well. So, yeah, there’s some Tarantino-jerking-off moments here, but for the most part, it’s very entertaining. The main character is very weak and I can’t see Foxx playing a badass, somehow he just doesn’t fit in my opinion and also his character is just very dull and basic. Waltz on the other hand is absolutely terrific, he’s overly charming and cool, totally reversing his role from Inglorious Basterds and doing it well.

Tarantino’s violence is infamous and this is a violent film as well, but he handles the violence in a lot more comic tone, almost making fun of himself with the bomb-sounds as the bullet hits a body or the massive amount of squids exploding. The mansion shoot-out is one of the most hilariously over-the-top gun battles he’s ever shot. Does he go over the fucking top in it? Absolutely, but I didn’t mind. The score is ridiculous and does not suit that scene at all, but still it’s a badass moment.

Also the cameo by Franco Nero was fucking genius and if you know who he is, you probably smiled like a dumbass at that too. And while there are no “great” moments from the film and it has it’s flaws, it’s still an entertaining movie, one I don’t mind re-visiting. By the way, the greatest scene Tarantino’s has shot and ever will (in my opinion) is the bar scene from Inglorious Basterds with Michael Fassbender and the rest pretending to be Germans. That’s was more Sergio Leone than any scene here. But still, it’s a solid 7.5/10.

Ps. If you are a Tarantino fan, never ask Patrick’s opinion about this film…