Song of the Week: The Abusing of The Rib by Atmosphere

*Hey guys, so a bit shorter review this week, busy with all kinds of shit. Anyways, hope you enjoy!*


Atmosphere is a hip-hop group consisting of Slug (rapper) and Ant (DJ/producer). Atmosphere has released eight studio albums and ten extended plays, Headshots Se7En was recorded 1998 and was released only as a cassette, it was re-released as a CD in 2005.

Headshots Se7En is one of Atmospheres most acclaimed albums, as this is the album where Ant and Slug really found their sound. The Abusing of The Rib is one of the best songs from the album, also the most unique. Slug shines lyrically and vocally in this song, his calm and soulful voice supports beautifully the emotional lyrics. In The Abusing of The Rib Slug uses traveling and love as metaphors for drug use (or abuse). Slug says: “I wanna ride a train up my lover’s arm, destination the brain“, trains run on tracks, right? So those tracks could mean veins, and veins as we know, lead to the brain. “And natural resources are unlimited, exploration only requires some desire and initiative” More hinting towards drugs again, this particular drug grows naturally and to find and use it only requires “some desire and initiative“. “I’m not dumb, I can hear that train come from miles away, I’m setting obstacles to stop the arrival” He knows he’s hooked, and knows that another relapse is coming and tries to stop it. “If I could show you, you would never leave it, and if I could show you, you would never leave it” I think in the chorus Slug tries to tell that if you understood the effects that the drug has, you would be just as hooked as him, this hypnotizing chant continues until the song fades out.

The Abusing of The Ribs beat is absolutely fantastic, definitely one of Ants best, it flows so fluently and is chillingly beautiful. The haunting piano loop is a total earmworm, and this masterfully crafted, perfectly simple song will force you to listen to it time after another. The Abusing of The Rib is one of the forgotten gems from Atmosphere.

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Song of the week: Sparrows by No Bird Sing


By Patrick

Hello, and welcome to TwoSimpleWriters’ Song Of The Week, this week we review Sparrows by No Bird Sing. No Bird Sing is a hip-hop group from Minnesota, they have released three albums. Sparrows is a song from their self-titled album released in 2009.

Sparrows feels like Kristoff Krane and Joe Horton are having a dialog, exchanging feelings of empyness and sadness. Sparrows to me feels like a metaphor for somekind of a cure to these feelings of emptyness.

“There’s nothing to know, there’s no one to miss, The longer I roam the colder it gets, Alone; slowly I grow with a hole in my chest, the size of my head”

The author feels like he is missing something important in his life. “I grow with a hole in my chest, the size of my head” could mean that as the author lost his heart (or something else important from the inside), he also lost a part of his thoughts (like love).

“Take it in, breathe it out, Let the sparrows in your house, Show them where the attic is and let them be to set up shop, Watch them sing, while you dance, While you’re cooking, while you break shit, Never let them go, it’s their escape, they’re escaping”

The author suggests to let the sparrows in to your head (attic), so the sparrows can sing (heal) for you no matter what happens. So the sparrows are pretty much something like guardian angels.

Joe Horton and Kristoff Krane both have great flow and a strong balanced voice. Kristoff Krane is one of my favorite hip-hop lyricist and Sparrows is really Krane-ish, in a good way of course. Sparrows is written in a poetic and abstract style, i expecially like the dialog-ish style where Horton and Krane go back and fourth. More than ofter I find myself humming along with the chorus as it is so well crafted and catchy. The beat is also incredible, it has the perfect amount of tension and it builds up beatifully to the chorus.

Overall this is one of the best No Bird Sing songs, the beautiful beat and lyrics create a captivating atmosphere that brings you back you to this song time after another.

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Video Game Review: The Evil Within


By Patrick

Hello, and welcome to our first video game review. Today we are reviewing (aka rambling about) The Evil Within, a horror survival game from the creator of Resident Evil. Resident Evil is one of my favorite video game series, the newest RE: Revelations 2 actually proved out to be quite a solid game, so i was expecting a lot from The Evil Within as it was hyped to be a must play for every Resident Evil and Silent Hill fan.

The review is split in to three parts: gameplay, story and art direction.


So the first few chapters of the game were pretty decent, it felt new and different but also it had that strong Silent Hill combined to Resident Evil feel. I enjoyed playing the first chapters, the controls felt fine but the biggest problem was how the camera works, it was utterly annoying and frustrating and took away from the experience.

At the beginning I really liked the direction the game was going, a lot of intense sneaking and the hiding system seemed to work fine. Unfortunately there wasn’t a lot of sneaking for the rest of the game, at least I didn’tĀ feel like I needed to sneak in most situations, just whip out the shotgun and pop somethings face off. Speaking of the weapons, the agony crossbow is maybe one of my favorite weapons of all time, the weapon was balanced, and every different bolt had their own usage.

As a Resident Evil and Silent Hill fan, I was disappointed with the lack of puzzles and those rare puzzles were incredibly easy and took no thought at all.

Monsters. Ahh, one of the most important thing is horror games, and still most video games have uninnovative and boring enemies, and The Evil Within is no different. I do have to say that there was a few cool enemies, like Laura which was six limbs and long black hair somewhat resembling The Grudge girl. Laura was a different enemy, as it appeared from the enemies that you have killed before. She was the kinda enemy that the rest of the game should have had more, unfortunately most of the enemies were very generic and straight forward.

The stages are very linear, they try to make it feel like a bit more open world, but most of the time you cant even backtrack (if you left ammo etc.). Maybe the linearity is not so bad in horror games, but personally I enjoy the ability to backtrack if needed.

UnHung Hero (2013) (a documentary)

fuck moote

By Franz

So I saw two documentaries this week, one very inspiring and heartfelt called Inequality For All, in where Robert Reich discusses American economy and why it’s not going as well and reminds the American people to be hopeful and not blaming anybody. It was a pretty good documentary, it looked at the issue from an objective standpoint, something you rarely see a doc doing. It wasn’t perfect, but I feel like I learned something new. Then I saw a documentary about a mans small dick. Let’s review that one!

Yeah, the title of this movie is UnHung hero and it’s about Patrick Moote and he has a small dick. And the film is about him finding out is his dick too small. Now, that’s actually a fantastic concept for a documentary, it could a very funny satirical look at the industry behind the pills and penis pumps that advertise themselves as penis enlargements. But it never makes a statement about anything, even when those methods don’t work, rather than saying something like “Look at how bullshit this is”, he just shrugs and continues to obsess about his penis size even though everybody he interviews say “It doesn’t matter, can you please shut the fuck up”. It’s a shame that the film doesn’t make a single point, I truly believe this could have been a wonderful idea, think about what if somebody like Morgan Spurlock had made this. The film would probably be very similar to this, but he would make points about it and it’s not like the film doesn’t try to say something, but the meaning comes right in the end after every-fucking-body he has interviewed has already said the message to Patrick. The message is “Size doesn’t matter, and if it does matter do your partner, they’r not right for you”, this might give you deja vu, because I’m pretty sure every sex-ed teacher in the world has said those exact words. It’s not a bad message, it’s completely the right one, but you could have made so much more and make it a lot more funnier and thought provoking.

A lot of people have been questioning this films authenticity, some claiming it’s all bunch of bullshit, others saying it’s real. I think it’s complete bullshit, the fucking retarded love-sub-plot near the end of the movie is vomit inducing self-indulgence and something that could have only happened because the script wanted to. But there is a scene that makes me question as well, the Korean sauna scene. Basically he goes into this Korean sauna “To boost his self esteem” and he brings a hidden camera in there. And then the Korean do the logical thing and beat the shit out of him. Now, if that was real you, Patrick Moote, are one of the biggest, most terrible human beings on this planet and possible a sick pervert or that was fake and you accomplished absolutely nothing with that scene. So good for you, you fucking idiot.

Last Year at Marienbad (1961)

*For our first post on this site, I decided to post an older review of a classic French film, because I think this is a pretty decent review. So here ya go!*

last year

By Franz

I have been awaiting to see this for so long and now finally did, it wasn’t anything like I expected. So abstract, so unique, so layered and so experimental in many ways. It’s just so over-whelming really. There are so many aspects of this movie that just baffle me in a away that won’t leave me confused, but over-whelms me with different perspectives. Like how the people freeze all of the sudden, the dialog is cut off but we can see their mouths still moving and a lot more.

There are many, many different analysis of the movie, and I don’t agree or disagree with any of them. Only one I do agree (in some way), that they are all dead, in a limbo. That makes, at least in my mind, kinda sense. But I don’t agree with the people who say that there’s nothing to get (I sort of agree who say the film is satirizing itself though), that it’s confusing to the point, you shouldn’t know what it’s about. I think that’s just a cheap excuse to not understanding the movie or not wanting to analyze this. Saying this film doesn’t have a meaning is simply dumbing the movie down a lot. Then, what is this movie in my opinion about? Well, I think this movie is about sub-consciousness story-telling. What does that mean? It’s a term I have come up with, it’s a kind of story- telling that makes the audience make up the story them self, in their sub-conscious. We are given so little about the story, that we make our own mind what is the story about. We decide did they meet, we decide what did the people say (when the dialog was cut off) and we decide how it ended. Alain Resnais himself said that everybody has to make their own mind about the story. This could be so abstract it’s satirical in a way. And maybe Resnais wanted it to be almost a parody of itself, by being so surreal and impossibly to understand fully, maybe. I don’t want to think like that, to me that would take way a lot of this movies appeal. It’s meant to be understood, but it’s meant to be understood for many angles. So, I guess it could be a parody. But it also kinda makes fun of the creativity that wasn’t in main-stream Hollywood at that time. How creativity is dead in films now. One guy at IMDb said it the best, something about how the woman represents current film-making and how “she” can’t remember her golden days. That was pretty spot on.

A lot of people hate this film. I can understand it, it’s not for everybody, because there is no clear answer for anything nor a clear story. If you don’t like experimental films, this isn’t for you. If your looking for something new, something that’s trying to invent how you see movies in a different way, this is for you.

To some people it’s a mystery (actually to everybody pretty much) and a lot of people don’t like the ambiguity of the story. It’s a kind of movie that respects it’s audience, not telling them everything, but respecting the audience to make up their own mind. And I understand that some of you don’t like that at all. To some it’s simply not “fun”. And I understand that. But how can’t you love the cinematography, the sets and the unique decisions in directing and the over-all originality? It’s a surreal, abstract masterpiece that should be viewed as a piece of art.