Song of the Week: The Abusing of The Rib by Atmosphere

*Hey guys, so a bit shorter review this week, busy with all kinds of shit. Anyways, hope you enjoy!*


Atmosphere is a hip-hop group consisting of Slug (rapper) and Ant (DJ/producer). Atmosphere has released eight studio albums and ten extended plays, Headshots Se7En was recorded 1998 and was released only as a cassette, it was re-released as a CD in 2005.

Headshots Se7En is one of Atmospheres most acclaimed albums, as this is the album where Ant and Slug really found their sound. The Abusing of The Rib is one of the best songs from the album, also the most unique. Slug shines lyrically and vocally in this song, his calm and soulful voice supports beautifully the emotional lyrics. In The Abusing of The Rib Slug uses traveling and love as metaphors for drug use (or abuse). Slug says: “I wanna ride a train up my lover’s arm, destination the brain“, trains run on tracks, right? So those tracks could mean veins, and veins as we know, lead to the brain. “And natural resources are unlimited, exploration only requires some desire and initiative” More hinting towards drugs again, this particular drug grows naturally and to find and use it only requires “some desire and initiative“. “I’m not dumb, I can hear that train come from miles away, I’m setting obstacles to stop the arrival” He knows he’s hooked, and knows that another relapse is coming and tries to stop it. “If I could show you, you would never leave it, and if I could show you, you would never leave it” I think in the chorus Slug tries to tell that if you understood the effects that the drug has, you would be just as hooked as him, this hypnotizing chant continues until the song fades out.

The Abusing of The Ribs beat is absolutely fantastic, definitely one of Ants best, it flows so fluently and is chillingly beautiful. The haunting piano loop is a total earmworm, and this masterfully crafted, perfectly simple song will force you to listen to it time after another. The Abusing of The Rib is one of the forgotten gems from Atmosphere.

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